Adult Martial Arts

Adult martial arts

Our adult martial arts program located in Kendall holds more benefits than ever thought possible. As busy working men and women, we forget to find time for ourselves. Incorporating adult martial arts in your life will have a lasting effect on your body and mind. Practicing adult martial arts will give you a boost of energy to help you get through a busy day and will release tension when stressed. Our adult martial arts program instructs student’s in the ancient art of taekwando. Our school helps provide communal support and create an encouraging environment that will fill you with determination. Our exciting curriculum is unlike any other form of exercise and the benefits are more than just a fit body. Adult martial arts will replenish your mind and spirit, adding to the already amazing physical benefits! Remember it’s never too late, call now and enroll for our adult’s martial arts program!

Adult Martial Arts Stress relief/focus

In our hectic lives, our time is constantly being divided between cell phones, meetings, and assignments which leave no time to focus on ourselves. This erratic way of life causes most of us to lose focus and become forgetful when dealing with home or work related tasks. Training in adult martial arts will give you a temporary relief from technology and everyday stresses while improving your focus. Our curriculum constantly reinforces concentration as one of the most important aspects of adults martial arts. Through breathing and step-by-step movements, you will reach a heightened concentration that will allow your abilities to thrive. Combining exercise, concentration, and stress relief all into one, adult martial arts is the perfect option for anyone who feels overwhelmed in their daily lives.


Confidence plays a vital role when advancing in careers, relationships, and life itself. Although it is commonly misunderstood that confidence is only important for kids, it’s even more important for adults. We often forget to find time to appreciate ourselves as we grow older amidst work, home, children, etc. In our adult martial arts program you’ll be able to dedicate a whole hour to accomplishing goals you never thought possible. Our belt ranking system helps you become inspired and confident as you gradually advance in level, giving you a sense of opportunity and accomplishment. Our instructors make sure to give all students, child or adult, the necessary encouragement to inspire growth. In our adult martial arts program you face challenges and learn valuable life lessons as you go along. Being knowledgeable in the art of taekwando will give you even more confidence knowing you can defend yourself in any situation. The confidence you will build when practicing adult martial arts will forever be imbedded in your character. Come in and enroll for our adult’s martial arts program and feel your confidence grow!


In our adult martial arts program we offer self-defense through the combination of two Korean martial arts, taekwando and hapkido. Our curriculum teaches students how to react in a real life situation, using the body, mind, and spirit. The word Taekwondo broken down into its three different functions describes the main purpose, “Tae” meaning foot (kicking or jumping), “Kwon” meaning fist (block or strike), and lastly “Do” meaning the way of discipline. Our adult martial arts program will teach you how to counteract an opponent’s attack and hinder them simultaneously with complete control. Your strength and instincts will dramatically improve in our program. With enhanced instincts, you will be left at a great advantage if attacked. Our adult martial arts program helps develop your agility, balance, endurance, and overall alertness. Come sign up for our adult martial art program today and learn to defend yourself against virtually any attack!