Kids Martial Arts

kids martial arts

Kids Martial Arts

Our kids martial arts program located in Kendall is based on the first MMA style of Martial Arts Created in Cuba. Starting with children ages 5-12, our instructors are dedicated to delivering instruction through patient, encouraging, and upbeat techniques. The world itself summarizes the combination of self-defense and self-improvement created when one practices Judokickbox. our kids martial arts program is an energetic experience, offering challenges to students while providing expert training from our seasoned instructors. Our kid’s curriculum is built upon the belief that children can build strength, skill, self-control, confidence, and respect through martial arts. Our instructors are focused on providing one-on-one personal guidance, even in larger classes, in order to create the optimal martial arts experience. Kids martial arts not only gives your child the opportunity to grow in strength and skill, but in their minds as well. In our kids martial arts program we instill constant discipline in our students, regardless of age. Parents consistently note the beneficial changes in their child, whether its better grades in school, more respect at home, or just an overall positive attitude; the benefits of martial arts are definitely seen at Guerrero Martial Arts. Bring your daughter or son in today for our kid’s karate program and begin to note the difference!


Judokickboxhas developed a self-defense program that has evolved into a world-wide sport and gained international repute. This new style of self-defense teaches more than just fighting, but offers a wide variety of benefits creating balance within the body, mind, and spirit. Combining many Japaneses, Korean, american and many styles of martial arts. Students are taught how to deal with real life scenarios while using self-control, discipline, skill, and mind/body control. Judo combined with Kickboxing provides students with the skills necessary to defend themselves, while creating a heightened confidence, respect, and overall optimistic outlook. The physical aspects of Judokickbox are not meant to invoke violence, but instead to invoke body and mind awareness. In fact, students show a significant reduction in aggression, proving once again the plethora of benefits that can be achieved through practicing. The purpose of Judokickbox defense techniques is to counteract an opponent’s attack and hinder them simultaneously with complete control. The techniques and skills learned throughout a student’s practice will enhance his/her instincts, leaving the student at an advantage if an attack were to occur. The emphasis throughout our classes is not physical violence, but self-defense.



Judokickbox will help your child’s confidence soar. With a curriculum that encourages growth, overcoming challenges, and complete control of one’s mind, your child’s confidence will grow as his/her skills do too! The moral aspects enforced throughout the curriculum help students develop a deep moral compass, creating a found respect for themselves and others. When advancing in Judokickbox, your child is reaching short-term goals while also working towards long-term goals, giving them a sense of opportunity and inspiration. Our belt ranking system permits students to notice and feel their development without feeling discouraged. This progression in skill, level, and mind gives students a boost in their self-esteem and self-worth. This self-confidence grows as they practice and can remain with them throughout their lives! Judokickbox gives your child the opportunity to gain skills, knowledge, and the necessary traits to flourish as an individual. Bring your child in today for our kid’s karate program and watch them reach their full potential!


Judokickbox is the pinnacle of self-discipline and overall improvement. Our kid’s program located in Kendall provides students with a curriculum which will change their lives for the better. Students are given tasks and challenges which are just as vital as coming to class such as respecting each other, respecting their parents, maintaining good grades, good behavior, and overall productivity. Students at our Kendall based school are prepared to face realistic situations, violent or non-violent. Our school ensures complete respect between instructors and students, as well as amongst the students themselves. Judokickbox promotes politeness in our everyday lives, teaching patience, compassion, and mental strength. Enrolling your child in martial arts will give him/her a heightened sense of determination and through the process your children will gain goal achieving attitudes. The discipline your child will be a part of them for the rest of their life.