yoga in The hammocksBrawling Buddha is now offering yoga in The Hammocks Miami ! Have you been curious to see what amazing benefits yoga has to offer? Now you can come see for yourself by beginning with our yoga in the Hammocks Miami. Our classes are not only taught by the most experienced instructors in Miami and Kendall, but they are mixed level. Everyone can get exactly what they need out of our classes.  Our yoga in the Hammocks Miami classes are a great way to start your day and end it. We offer classes in the mornings, evenings, and late nights to accommodate your schedule. Our yoga in the Hammocks Miami also offer a great way to relieve stress by focusing on breathing techniques and meditation. Our qualified and extremely skilled instructors will take you through a Power yoga class, mixed with Vinyasa and Ashtanga poses. Are you looking to lose weight? Our yoga in the Hammocks Miami prides itself on the style of yoga it brings to the area since Power Yoga can burn up to 500 calories an hour. The muscle tone you will begin to develop by attending classes is unmatched. Yoga in the Hammocks Miami will lean out your entire body, adding lean muscle to your frame without the added bulk and weight that other types of exercises can often do. Still not convinced? Your first yoga class in the Hammocks is FREE! If you want to find a way to de-stress, tone up, slim down, and sleep like you’ve never slept before, CALL US TODAY TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT FOR FREE!